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Photo credit: Martijn Kuyvenhoven


Katoenhuis Community is a pool of talented creators from different art and tech fields. It is an ecosystem centered around the developments in art and technology, with a focus on Immersive Experiences. Within Katoenhuis, we believe in the importance and transformative power of interdisciplinary collaborations, thus we are committed to creating a space for collaboration between art and tech communities. Read more below to get to know our growing community! 


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Allround event production company

Lucy is a production company from Rotterdam, specialized in organizing and producing events throughout The Netherlands. With many years of experience and passion for creativity and innovation, Lucy works with a wide range of festivals and events. They are the creative minds behind Blijdorp Festival, Yardbird Festival, Toffler Festival, and much more, with a vision complementary to the one of Katoenhuis. With their expertise and passion, they will contribute to the Katoenhuis ecosystem and bring even more life to our vibrant and multitalented community. 

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