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September 19th-22th
Conflux 2024 theme: Symbiotic Realities 

Conflux is a festival exploring multisensory encounters, urgent ideas, contemporary art and experimental music. It will be happening across various locations throughout Rotterdam, including Katoenhuis. Through the event people can experience a program of audiovisual performances, public art interventions, multimedia commissions, experimental club nights and talks reflecting on the festival theme 'Symbiotic Realities'.

In its third year, Conflux Festival returns in 2024 to continue its investigation of the ever-evolving relationships between humans, machines, and other nonhuman intelligences through the critical lenses of art, music, science, and philosophy. The rapidly changing technoscientific landscape and the complex interplay between societal and technological progress are having a profound effect on our everyday lived reality. Their influence is apparent on the diverse humanitarian crises playing out on the global theater and in cyberspace, necessitating a continued engagement with the difficult future-focused questions facing humanity.

Full program to be announced.

Concrete Culture

Concrete Culture uses the generative power of art, culture, and technology within (historic) real estate and area developments to make a social impact, drive economic growth, strengthen communities, and combat gentrification. Concrete Culture’s flagship initiatives include Koelhuis Eindhoven (former Campina Vrieshuis) and Katoenhuis Rotterdam. Both initiatives focus on Immersive Experiences (IX), offering communal workspaces, studios, and presentation spaces that actively support creative and technical talent. By bringing diverse artists, technologists, and makers under one roof, Concrete Culture initiatives create a space for research, experimentation, and presentation of immersive experiences and contribute to the growth of the immersive technology sector in the Netherlands.

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