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January 31 - February 4, 2024
TEC ART x Lumus Instruments present "Radiant Voids" at Katoenhuis during Rotterdam Art Week 

TEC ART in collaboration with Lumus Instruments presents “Radiant Voids”, an exhibition at the junction of art and technology inside the spaces of Katoenhuis | Rotterdam's Immersive Experience Hub.


The debut show to awaken the halls of Katoenhuis with the immersive works of leading Dutch new media artists will be open during Rotterdam Art Week 2024. Nestled within the open spaces of a former cotton warehouse in the emerging M4H area, this first exhibition breathes life into its space, transforming emptiness into an experience of warped perception.


Each area within this industrial monument inhabits a work of art that distorts realities and plays with one’s perception. Step into the vast spaces of Katoenhuis that are transmorphed with large audiovisual installations into a full-body sensory experience, blurring the line between artificial and real.


Featuring works of Lumus Instruments, Boris Acket, Robin Beekman, Elsemarijn Bruys, Timo Lejeune, and Simone Smelt.


Lumus Instruments present "Polynode VI", showcasing extended lines of light that sculpt a spatial instrument, and “Actualization”, where vectors of light create geometries that continually morph and transform. Boris Acket’s work “Einder/Wind” manipulates fabric into diverse shapes propelled by an array of fans. Collaborating with Acket, Elsemarijn Bruys presents "Of Other Spaces", featuring reflective foils that subtly vibrate, transforming spaces into entangled mosaics before reverting to their original form. Simone Smelt’s “Reflecting Bodies” creates an interplay of light, where volumes and textures sculpted from aluminum diffuse in multiple directions, fostering a playful and experimental environment for light and reflection. Robin Beekman presents an array of 360-degree light fixtures in the “Depth Array” luring the audience into a state reminiscent of hypnosis. Timo Lejeune’s digital work “Undetermined” draws inspiration from chaos theory, exploring how simple rules give rise to beautiful complexity.  

About Radiant Voids 

Radiant Voids is a collaboration between TEC ART, Katoenhuis | Rotterdam’s Immersive Experience Hub, and artist collective Lumus Instruments.

Featured artists:


Lumus Instruments 

Lumus Instruments is a multidisciplinary studio that works with light, sound and structure in various forms of installation art and scenography. The studio is runned by Timo Lejeune, Julius Oosting and Timothy Hendriks, who find their roots in design, architecture and engineering.

With a growing fascination for physical manifestations of computational technology, they continually iterate through a variety of technological installations. A way to explore synergetic design principles within their artistic landscape. It shapes the physicality of refined digital systems, and investigates how these systems affect our perception of space and time.

The mind of Lumus is future-oriented. The conceptual side of their work challenges observers to redefine what it means to be human in this digital age. They believe that the act of creating is instrumental to this understanding. Over the years, the work of Lumus Instruments has found its way to a variety of contexts, ranging from digital art exhibitions, to concerts and festivals, to activations for brands and public spaces.  

Elsemarijn Bruys 

Elsemarijn Bruys is a visual artist with a strong curiosity for sensory perception. In her hybrid practice, she alternates between making sculptures and architectural interventions, but the spatial experience is always her starting point. 

Air is the main medium Bruys works with. She takes the material so seriously that she considers it her collaborator. Within her work, the air has the freedom to take its course: rectangles become round, spaces are filled and occupied, objects breathe in and out, visitors are subtly flattened and perspectives become deformed. The addition of air makes her objects performative, and the change of form it brings about is simultaneously the core of her work.  

Her work has been shown at the Van Eesteren Museum, Kunsthal KAdE, Art Rotterdam, Down The Rabbit Hole, Torrance Art Museum and the Van Gogh Museum, among others.

Robin Beekman.jpg

Robin Beekman

Robin Beekman is an Amsterdam-based contemporary artist who graduated from the HKU Utrecht Image & Media Technology program. His artistic research concentrates on manipulating human perception and exploring visual phenomena. In his works, he combines artificial, electronic, and digital media, allowing the viewer to observe an interactive process: one in which machines, computer programs, and the physical world converge, creating phenomena that influence our cognition. This includes the development of installations that guide our perception and reveal the relative nature of our experiences. Beekman has a special focus on temporal events, highlighting how light, sound, and movement evolve to create a transient experience.


Timo Lejeune

Timo Lejeune is a co-founder and the creative director of Lumus Instruments, a studio that focuses on creating audiovisual installations. Together with two partners, Timo turned Lumus into a renowned name in the contemporary festival and media art landscape, showcasing their installations at international exhibitions. Timo is responsible for defining the conceptual framework and philosophy behind the works of Lumus, exploring their abstract and practical manifestations.

Simone Smelt

Simone Smelt is an independent designer, a creator of concepts, products, and furniture, based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Her passion for design is rooted in a desire to create objects and spaces that inspire wonder and provoke thought. She believes that design should be more than just a visual experience; it should be interactive, transformative, and playful.

Simone’s work is characterized by its bold aesthetics and a focus on movement and visual interaction with the surrounding environment. She strives to create designs that encourage intuitive interaction and prompt people to engage with their surroundings in new and unexpected ways.

As a designer, Simone is constantly exploring new forms, techniques, and materials to push the boundaries of what is possible. Her work is not limited to commercial projects, but also includes independent projects that allow her to explore new ideas and techniques.


TEC ART is an initiative by PLANETART, a Bis institution that organises tech and art projects of international stature throughout the Netherlands. Annual visitor magnets are the renowned GOGBOT Festival in Enschede and TEC ART Festival in Rotterdam. 

Lumus Instruments

Lumus Instruments is a multidisciplinary collective working with light, sound and structure in various forms of installation art and scenography. The studio is led by Timo Lejeune, Julius Oosting and Timothy Hendriks. They have a fascination with physical manifestations of computational technology and work continuously on various site-specific technological installations. 

Concrete Culture

Concrete Culture uses the generative power of art, culture, and technology within (historic) real estate and area developments to make a social impact, drive economic growth, strengthen communities, and combat gentrification. Concrete Culture’s flagship initiatives include Koelhuis Eindhoven (former Campina Vrieshuis) and Katoenhuis Rotterdam. Both initiatives focus on Immersive Experiences (IX), offering communal workspaces, studios, and presentation spaces that actively support creative and technical talent. By bringing diverse artists, technologists, and makers under one roof, Concrete Culture initiatives create a space for research, experimentation, and presentation of immersive experiences and contribute to the growth of the immersive technology sector in the Netherlands.

Opening times






January 31 

February 1

February 2

February 3 

February 4

from 11:00 to 21:00 

from 11:00 to 21:00 

from 11:00 to 22:00 

from 11:00 to 21:00 

from 11:00 to 17:00 

Free entry 

Visiting address: Keilestraat 9c, 3029 BP Rotterdam

TEC ART is part of the Rotterdam Art Week 2024 in collaboration with Katoenhuis and Lumus Instruments.


Supported by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)Rotterdam Festivals and Bakkers | Hommen.

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