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Bubble Buzz

Something is bubbling up...


“Bubble Buzz” on the Katoenhuis façade, aims to raise awareness about the changes that are happening in the surrounding M4H area and the risk of gentrification. The increasingly popular area, built by makers and creatives, is at risk of losing the place that they initially created. “Bubble Buzz” invites passers-by to reflect on their own roles in these processes, and how urban development and societal changes affect their communities.


September 19th-22th 


Conflux is a festival exploring multisensory encounters, urgent ideas, contemporary art and experimental music. It will be happening across various locations throughout Rotterdam, including Katoenhuis. Through the event people can experience a program of audiovisual performances, public art interventions, multimedia commissions, experimental club nights and talks reflecting on the festival theme 'Symbiotic Realities'.


September 24th-27th


Placemaking Europe's 7th annual festival will be held at Rotterdam's vibrant MerweVierhavens (M4H). It will offer insights into creating inclusive, resilient, and dynamic cities. The Keilepand will be the main venue, with Katoenhuis as a key venue showcasing inspiring placemaking initiatives.


Katoenhuis Rotterdam is a hub for Immersive Experiences (IX) and technology in the heart of Rotterdam Makers District (M4H).


Built in 1950 and once known as the “Van Bennekum’s Havenbedrijf Katoenloods”, Katoenhuis is a multifunctional space hosting artist and makers’ studios and working facilities, exhibition, and event spaces. By bringing diverse artists and makers under one roof, Katoenhuis supports makers and developers in research, experimentation, and presentation of immersive experiences, and strengthens the development of the immersive technology sector in Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

Become a partner

We actively seek collaboration with organizations and individuals involved in immersive experiences (IX) and who are interested in contributing to our ecosystem. Reach out to us at in case you would like to explore the opportunities.  Additionally, we offer a sponsorship and patron program with a special focus on enhancing the livability of the city of Rotterdam and the economic position of the M4H area.

Strengthening the IX position together with Koelhuis Eindhoven

Katoenhuis Rotterdam has a twin-sibling venue in Eindhoven, Koelhuis Eindhoven. Both cities, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, are deeply rooted in their industrial tradition, mass industrialization, logistics, and high-tech innovation driven by makers and corporations. The two venues, Katoenhuis Rotterdam and Koelhuis Eindhoven share common values and an industrial legacy that makes the two cities ideal partners in promoting innovation and working with immersive technologies. The presence of a twin in Eindhoven links these two cities, reinforcing their commitment to advancing immersive technologies and maker-driven initiatives. This partnership between these two mainport regions aims to ensure that Rotterdam and Eindhoven will strengthen the Dutch immersive technology landscape while preserving its industrial legacy and securing its position as a leading hub for cutting-edge innovation and creativity internationally.

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