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Getijdenpark Keilehaven

Tidal Park, the Heart of Nature in the Keile District


Getijdenpark Keilehaven is a unique combination of urban park and natural estuary system, designed by landscape architects De Urbanisten. This innovative space combines cultural park elements with natural processes, with nine terraces that vary in height and slope towards the water. These terraces create a dynamic landscape and are flooded at different tidal levels, attracting special plants, fish, and birds. This park offers visitors the opportunity to walk and picnic along the green banks of the New Meuse, enhancing recreational space and biodiversity in the area.

Located in the dynamic Keile District, the cultural heart of Rotterdam's M4H area, the park is surrounded by a hub of art, culture, technology, and makers. The area is full of activities and attractions, so there's always something to see and do. Visitors can immerse themselves in the experiences of the Katoenhuis, explore the art incubator Kunst and Complex, or enjoy the artist-run playground Brutus and the Keilepand, known for its focus on design, architecture, and food. The Voedseltuin (Food Garden) on the opposite side of the Getijdenpark is also a must-see.

Getting to and from the Getijdenpark is easy. It's a 10-minute walk from the Marconiplein tram and metro station, making it easy to reach by public transport. For those arriving by car, parking is available at the Europoint parking garage (Marconistraat 16). The park is also accessible via the adjacent Watertaxi platform (81), providing another scenic route to this beautiful urban oasis.

The Getijdenpark Keilehaven will be opened in July 2024.

Getijdenpark Keilehaven is designed by DE URBANISTEN and comissiond by the Municipality of Rotterdam


Benjamin Franklinstraat (navigation link)

3029 BP Rotterdam



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